An energy healer and health intuitive. She's a certified Forensic Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Applied Muscle Testing Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Metabolic Nutritionist, Life Coach, Business Owner and a Mum.

Annette has been specialising in weight loss, healthy mindset and health since 2009.

She uses the mind and body to identify and rewire the patterns and programs to help a person be more aligned.

Physical issues show up when we’ve been living out of alignment.

A common denominator is our foods, digestion/assimilation and stress in relation to our finances, careers, relationships (with self and others) and belief systems.

These days most of her clients often find her because they want to see a physical change. They have tried many DIEts or they have health issues that medical tests haven’t found the root cause and medications have been the only solution to mask symptoms.

With a focus on the physical and metaphysical, Annette uses a combination of coaching, energy healing modalities, intuition, applied muscle testing and biofeedback to tailor to her clients needs and wants.

She has invested 6 figures into her own personal and professional development and is passionate about helping her clients step into their power and lead in their life.

A little background:

Annette spent her teen years wanting to fit in, her 20’s feeling judged and misunderstood, her 30’s discovering her authentic self and now in her 40's she embraces it all. She was raised in a cult and as a result of healing herself, undoing programs and negative belief systems, she has many life lessons and experiences to share.

Annette has used her body as the platform to overcome debilitating beliefs, improve her health and live a life that fulfils her values. She coaches her clients in a similar way. Annette's profile expanded after her client won the National Lifestyle Transformation of the Year award in the Metabolic Precision program in 2009 with many other finalists to follow. 

Learning and empowering others with knowledge and skills are some of the things Annette values. Her studio wall is full of certificates on coaching, applied muscle testing, reiki, sports nutrition, functional nutrition, mindset, programming, training and mentoring programs.

She describes becoming a Mum at 39 as the best experience of her life and has not let it stop her from continuing to develop herself personally and professionally. Working online allows her to continue to have a positive affect on many lives while she enjoys the best of both worlds personally and professionally. 

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Life goes by quickly. Enjoy it, Love it, Live it!

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