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Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny - Mahatma Gandhi

Habits can be hard to give up because they are linked to a cycle that affects how we currently feel.

This program will go deep into what you can do to change your actions and behaviours so that you can create lasting habits that are aligned with your goals.

About Your Coach

Annette knows all to well how good and bad habits can impact our lives. 

Having been on anti-depressants twice in her life, at the age of 19 and then again at 27, Annette was advised by her Doctor on her 30th birthday to consider going back onto anti-depressants again. 

The habits she had fallen victim too weren't fulfilling her values and as a result, she was lost and miserable.

Instead she decided to make some lifestyle changes that completely turned her life around over the 24 month period that followed. That was almost 10 years ago now and her new habits allowed her to grow from strength to strength.

She knows first hand just how powerful this work is when done correctly and it's what she uses with clients she works with today, to help them establish healthy habits for wellness. If you would like to see some of the before and afters of clients Annette has worked with, you can check them out at

New habits need to come from a place far deeper than action.

Over 6 lessons, Annette will teach you the science behind habits with coaching lessons and workshops that will give you the tools to start creating your own new rituals that will lead to healthier habits.

What will I learn?

Lesson 1 "The Habit Cycle & How it Works" will teach you about the triggers, actions and rewards of a habit.

Lesson 2 is a workshop on "How to Create a New Habit".

Lesson 3 is a workshop on "Understanding Whats Behind Your Habit".

Lesson 4 is a workshop on "Understanding Your Subconscious Mind" teaching you how to understand what's behind your habit cycle to ensure the new habit you are creating will become a ritual that lasts.

Lesson 5 is "Planning for Success" teaching you how to plan for success.

Lesson 6 is the final workshop helping you create your own plan for success based upon the habit you choose to address in this program.

Lesson 7 is a Live Q&A Session to help ensure the workshops have been beneficial for you. Annette generally uses this session to review your old and new habits to ensure your plan will succeed.

These lessons and workshops are gold!

What do I need to complete this program:

The entire course is ran online. Access to a phone, computer or tablet is all you need. If you're on facebook, you can also join us for the live Q&A session or email your questions through. These sessions are always uploaded onto the student platform too.

  • Lessons

    Habit Overhaul is a mix of printable chapters and video lessons to deliver the learning content in a way that is enjoyable, easily understood and in the comfort of your own home.

  • Workshops

    Three workshops: How to create a new habit, how to break a bad habit and tying it all together for a successful result. Your workshops will be followed by a live Q&A session so that Annette can coach you through the task with no stone un-turned.

  • Life Time Access

    All course material will be yours for life! This includes any future updates or re-releases.

Enrol today and create habits that empower you to become more!


The Grass Becomes Greener In Your Own Life

When You Water Your Own Paddock. Start with your habits today!