No More Failed Attempts!

Improve your confidence and start believing you are worthy. This workshop will help you create a powerful mind so you can overcome self sabotage and develop healthier thoughts in relation to how you feel about yourself and how you feel about creating change.

Say goodbye to the last of your failed attempts when it comes to creating changes in your life your body will thank you for!

Annette has created 3 powerful worksheets and gathered together some very moving footage and information to help you understand the following lessons that are taught in this workshop:

  • The powerful connection between your mind and body
  • How to create a powerful mind
  • How to overcome self sabotaging thoughts and behaviours
  • How to overcome negative self talk
  • The importance of self love

If you're in the process of trying to establish better habits and have a history of sabotaging your progress, this is one workshop you can not afford to miss!


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No More Failed Attempts!

Learn how you can overcome sabotaging behaviours today

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