Learn How To Stop Drowning Your Emotions In Food Today

An emotional state is always underlying our choices before we eat something. Improve your willpower by following the steps in this workshop to identify why foods are controlling your life and get clear on what it means to live in alignment with your goals so you can create successful habits. Emotional eating can be overcome!

Food is enjoyable but many of us know the feeling of emotional eating all to well. Eating to make ourselves feel better but only resulting in making us feel work.

Emotional eating is painful, I know because it’s something I’ve experienced first hand.

By implementing the teachings in this workshop I have also successfully healed myself from an eating disorder by taking a different perspective on and understanding what my eating habits were trying to hide.

This workshop will teach you:

  • How emotional eating can be overcome
  • How to align the life you want for yourself to improve the life you have today*
  • What it means to live in alignment*
  • The secret behind successful habits

Learn how to stop drowning your emotions in food today!

 *Please contact us if you have completed our workshop “How to live in alignment with your goals and values” or “Bad Habit Overhaul” to receive a 20-40% discount on this workshop. Only a small section of information doubles up from these workshops. If those workshops are of interest to you, please note this workshop will not give you all of what the others outline. Overcoming Emotional Eating only addresses topics relevant to emotional eating behaviours.

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Learn how you can overcome emotional eating today

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