What's Included

Four written and recorded lessons plus Q&A coaching sessions - all of which you can work through online, at the most convenient for you!

  • Bonus Lifestyle Transformation Wellness ebook

    $47 - Yours Free!

    Included in the course is our 20 page Lifestyle Transformation ebook full of information on how to eat to drop body fat and preserve muscle tissue, improve sleep and manage stress better!

  • Bonus Chapter

    Hidden Forms of Gluten & Dairy & the Truth About Calcium

    There's no need to fear not getting in enough calcium if you need to avoid dairy due to allergies or sensitivities. This chapter will show you why and how.

  • Bonus Download

    How to Break Up with Unhealthy Foods!

    This is a 5 step exercise is to stop you from wanting to give up and fall back into old habits. Emotional ties and beliefs attached to foods can be broken.

Help Is Finally Here!

I know how the journey of weight loss goes.

You're probably feeling like you've tried everything by now. Sometimes things work but it takes a whole lot of effort to see the tiniest changes, but worse is when you do manage to drop a few kilos, the weight somehow finds it's way back to you.

You're not alone. 

Food Freedom is a course that will strip back what you know about food and empower you to build a strong foundation for the lifestyle change you want to sustain.

This workshop will help you replace inflammatory foods containing ingredients like gluten and dairy, in a way that wont leave you feeling deprived. 

This course is perfect if:

  • you want someone to support you as you transition to cleaner eating
  • you’re struggling to drop body fat but don't want to feel deprived
  • you may be suffering with digestive issues like bloating and stomach pain
  • you may feel lethargic
  • your brain may feel foggy and you have trouble concentrating or suffer with anxiety
  • you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to change your eating habits and struggle to stay consistent
  • you suffer with skin issues like eczema, hives or acne
  • you have a weakened immune system
  • you’re have food intolerances to gluten and/or dairy and aren't really sure exactly what ingredients are derived from them 

Here's the thing, the foods we eat pack a whole lot of punch!

The body fights for survival, it fights for wellness but when it all gets too much, your body sends you signals to make you pay attention.

Eating choices need to change if you want to improve your health. Many go 100% strict immediately and then fall off the band wagon because they haven’t learnt how to sustain this change as a lifestyle long enough for the gut to start healing. Others just don't know where to start and decide that cutting back and having the occasional serving isn’t so bad and keep going on their way until symptoms flare up again, presenting other issues down the track. 

So perhaps you’re a little overwhelmed and needing assistance with your diet.

Without the correct knowledge and the right support, habits can eventually start sneaking back in.

What you'll learn?

Lesson 1 provides you with some delicious recipes and we'll address why inflammation makes fat burning difficult. Food will not be your fuel if the body struggles to digest and absorb it.

Lesson 2 teaches you how to do an elimination diet to identify food sensitivities and how you can gather some data on yourself.

Lesson 3 is all about how you can transition to a healthier eating plan that will have you looking great, feeling wonderful and completely satisfied!

Lesson 4 teaches you how to analyse the data you've collected to see how gluten and dairy affect your body and/or mind.

Live Q&A Sessions are conducted after you've completed all 4 lessons to provide you with support and coaching to help you on your way. These sessions are sometimes recorded so you can access past Q&A sessions before you have your own to get even more help. These sessions are gold!

What do you need to complete this program:

Access to a phone, computer or tablet is all you need. If you're on facebook, you will also gain free access to the food freedom facebook page which contains some very handy photo albums to help you know what alternatives are available. All live lessons ran inside the Food Freedom facebook page are uploaded onto the course platform.

Why I created this program:

So many people are lost with no idea why they just can't drop weight like they used too. 

I was exercising daily, sometimes twice a day. I looked good but not great, considering the effort I was putting in. I was following a very well known program that had me eating only metabolically precise meals but the changes were frustratingly slow. 

After 20 weeks of 100% compliancy to the program, a visit to my Naturopath revealed I had food intolerances. Then began the long road of eliminating the foods that were causing me inflammation.

In 2014 I began using Applied Muscle Testing to help personalise our clients nutrition plans. After testing everyone who was training with us and everyone who has joined us since offering AMT, I had enough proof to see the link between food sensitivities, inflammation and sluggish fat burning pathways.

Of course, losing weight isn't the only benefit to reducing inflammatory foods. There is a whole lot to gain from cleaning up your diet and replacing ingredients like gluten and dairy, which is the focus of this program.

Making the switch can be difficult without support and knowledge. Foods derived from wheat can make it especially difficult to eat clean as this affects more foods than just breads, pasta and sweets.

  • Charts

    Charts and downloadable content to help you understand alternative choices available as well as the names of ingredients derived from wheat, gluten and dairy found in foods and beauty products.

  • Life Time Access

    Access all areas! This includes any future updates or re-releases PLUS remain part of the supportive community over in the facebook page for Food Freedom members as you continue on your journey.

  • Recipes

    Delicious gluten free and dairy free recipes that will have your jaw touching the floor! There is no need to ever feel deprived when looking out for your health!

Life is to short not to be enjoyed. Enrol today and put an end to all the side effects inflammatory foods have been causing you!


Food Freedom 3 week mentoring program $497.00

Feel great not deprived!